ESG/SPE Joint MeetingTalk

ESG/SPE Joint MeetingTalk on Time Lapse Seismic for Optimal Reservoir Management A Global Prospectiv


Time lapse or 4D seismic data has proven value in reservoir management, increasing reservoir and recovery by locating bypasses and undrained  hydrocarbon and optimizing infill well locations and flood patterns. 4D seismic can also decrease operating cost by reducing uncertainty in the reservoir models., optimizing completeness, and minimizing the number of dry holes. ExxonMobil’s   4D experience demonstrates this added value to reservoir management over a wide range of geographical areas, geological settings, and production scenarios.


David H. Johnston is Global Geophysics Coordinator for ExxonMobil Production Company in Houston , Texas. He recived his BS degree in Earth Sciences from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1973 and a PHD in Geophysics in 1978, also from MIT. He joined Exxon in 1979 and he has held assignments in roack physics research, velocity analysis, and seismic reservoir characterization.